Friday, October 22, 2010

The Winner is...

This month at work we had a pumpkin decorating contest to get everyone into the Halloween spirit. At first I was thought my pumpkin was going to win for sure! It was a two faced, good vs evil dia de los muertos sugar skull peice of art... but as soon as I walked into the Salon and saw the adorable Gizmo pumpkin among many other really creative designs I knew it was going to be a tough competition to win. After a long anticipated ruling by the judges first prize rightfully went to one of our very talented hair dressers Jaime. Check out her pumkinized Gene Simmons!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

How Elixir Salon ans Day maker and Aveda is Helping the Enviorment!!

wwElixir Salon and Day Maker is voted the "Best of the Best" in all of Colleyville, Grapevine and Southlake for the last 4 years! Why are we the best? Not only do we offer top of the line service and create the most luxurious experience possible for each of our guests, we also use only Aveda Products. With a little research you will find that Aveda is one of the only entirely enviornentally friendly skin care, hair care and cosmetic lines in the world. So while we at Elixir pledge to do out best for each and every guest,by using Aveda products we are also pledging to do our best by the earth.
Check out this video of Aveda products being used behind the scenes at this springs Fashion Week.
For more info on how Aveda is giving back to our earth go to

Friday, October 8, 2010

October Special at Elixir Salon and Day Maker!!!!

This Months Salon Specials!!!

Traditional Makeup $45
Airbrush makeup $60    value $75
Party Lashes (full) $45   value $60
Party Lashes (accent) $20

Come check out our new makeup studio just in time for Halloween!!!!!
Like out Facebook page and suggest it to all of your friends pleasssseee!!!!

Misfit Monroe

Monday, September 27, 2010

Misfit Monroe Master Makeup Artist is back in action!!

Whats up people out there in cyber space! Ive been MIA for a while but I get like that from time to time. I'm like a turtle... when things get tough I retreat inside my shell for a while! But I'm back and in rare form! Here's whats happened in the last few months... I got married to my best friend and the love of my life, got an amazing new job as the resident makeup artist for a very prestigious salon and spa and am now expecting my second child. Lots of lows followed by lots of highs and I'm just excited to see where this crazy thing called life is headed next!

My latest and greatest passion is Aveda Makeup!! Its almost completely organic and very eco friendly. I'm now painting faces full time at Elixir Salon and Day Maker in Colleyville, TX. It is an Aveda salon so every product they use from their plant derived hair colors, and makeup pigments to the massage oils and waxes are all from Aveda so they are great for sensitive skin and giving back to the environment with every use.

This Months Specials!!!

Halloween: Pre-book your makeup appointment now for your Halloween parties for $10 and receive a free eyeliner with a $45 traditional application or $60 airbrush makeup.

Homecoming: Book now for your Homecoming makeover and be the Belle of the ball

More to come so stay tuned!!

85 Village Lane Suite 150
Colleyville, TX

Monday, May 3, 2010

Heart Breakers coming soon...

Wonderland is re -open for business!!

Since moving to Texas, Ive been anxiously awaiting the arrival of all of my sewing and design equiptment. It finally arrived a few days ago and Im am slowly getting set up. With  new plans in the works for a summer line, i m really excited to get started. Stay tuned people!!

Behind the scenes at the 2010 Texas Relays in Austin

Two days of non stop partying on 6th street... and we didnt even watch the races lol!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My chick bad, my chick hood...

I do things that your chick wish she could...

Misfit Monroe

Making my mark in Dallas/ Fort Worth TX!

Ive been in Texas all of three weeks and have already found a LOT to love about the state where everything claims to be bigger... and so far I have to agree.

When Im not out being the sparkling diva* that I am, I'm slaving away at my day job as a Merchandiser for Old Navy. I never knew just how much i stood out as a former Californian until I decided to wear my favorite pair of leapord leggings to work along with a slouchy green top in the spirit of St Patricks Day. Ive never gotten so much attention for a single article of clothing in my life! Right away any customer that approached me new I was not from if my valley girl accent didnt give me away enough lol. But in a town full of jeans and T-shirts, trendy California neccesities such as leapord print leggings, over the knee boots, and denim minnie skirts ( which I was ridiculed for wearing when a womans husband was caught "admiring" it) are considered "wild" and eccentric. Dont get me wrong, this doesnt apply for the Dallas/ Fort Worth area as a whole,  just the more suburban, church on every corner, house wife, soccor mom, conservative area's. Head south a couple of miles and fashion takes on a whole new meaning, where girls dont leave the house without thier nails, makeup and outfit making a serious statement and anything goes... im still tryna keep up!

One thing I know for sure, when the sun goes down out here is when everyone comes alive! Thanks to my cousin and her social skitzephrenia, Ive had a healthy dose of Texas night life and so far im liking what and who im seeing... My next post will be all about some of he hottest clubs and hottest promotional Team in Texas... as soon as I get there permission to blog about them!
Armed and ready with new business cards, a new Model Mayhem profile and making some amazing new friends... Misfit Monroe is ready to make some big things happen in Texas!

*Diva- The female version of a hustler... If you dont know this shame on you

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who is Misfit Monroe??

Hello world, allow me to introduce myself... When Life gets tough and it feels like nothing else could possibly go wrong and im ready to just give up, is when I need the stronger version of me to come out and take control of my life. Like Beyonce has Sasha Fierce, I have Misfit Monroe. She is confidant, sexy, ambitious, motivated and doesnt let anyone get in her way or pull her down. She is fearless and spontaneous and lives in the moment. While I myself am naturally all of these things, sometimes life has a way of wieghing you down and one can lose themselves in the chaos. After going through some personal trauma that uprooted me from California and planted me in Texas, its time for Misfit Monroe to make the most of this new life! Stay tuned...


Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP Alexander Mc Queen

He was my #1 favorite designer and a master of couture. He was an inspiration and will be missed. Rest in Peace Alexander Mc Queen 1969-2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My New online Etsy store!!!

For about a year now i have been working on launching my accessories line "Wonderland by N", Inspired the classic tale of Alice and Wonderland. With the New Tim Burton Film coming out in a few months Ive decided now is a better time than ever!

Go visit my new online store called "Tragic Romance", now featuring one of a kind hair accessories from my new "Wonderland by N" collection. These are some of my earlier pieces so expect to see some new and amazing things over the next few weeks!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Lady Gaga's Grammy 2010 coutoure!

Lady Gaga is the Queen of Couture and a huge inspiration for my designs. She can get away with just about anything!! Trully a perfect canvas for wearable art!


Grammy's 2010 Red carpet review! LUV or WTF


The Latest looks from Star Trek Couture

White Trash Pocohauntas

Trend Alert!
Glittery, shimmery metalics and gold

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Golden globes 2010: I Heart awards

According to fashion industry standards im two days late but... better late than never! Here is my review of the red carpet fashion at this years Golden Globes.

And the I Heart award goes to....

1st place: Anna Paquin in Stella McCartney, 2nd place: Olivia Wilde in Roberto Cavalli 

Christina Handricks in Christian Siriano (a project Runway winner!), Elisabetta Canalis in  Roberto Cavalli  (one of my fav designers!)

Fergie in Elli Saab, Leah Michele in Oscar De La Renta (Gleeeeeeee!!!!!), Zoe Saldana in Louis Vuitton
Ok! So those are my favs from the red carpet of this years Golden globes. I was gonna post my WTF's but my computer is being lame so I'll save that part for next time!