Sunday, March 21, 2010

My chick bad, my chick hood...

I do things that your chick wish she could...

Misfit Monroe

Making my mark in Dallas/ Fort Worth TX!

Ive been in Texas all of three weeks and have already found a LOT to love about the state where everything claims to be bigger... and so far I have to agree.

When Im not out being the sparkling diva* that I am, I'm slaving away at my day job as a Merchandiser for Old Navy. I never knew just how much i stood out as a former Californian until I decided to wear my favorite pair of leapord leggings to work along with a slouchy green top in the spirit of St Patricks Day. Ive never gotten so much attention for a single article of clothing in my life! Right away any customer that approached me new I was not from if my valley girl accent didnt give me away enough lol. But in a town full of jeans and T-shirts, trendy California neccesities such as leapord print leggings, over the knee boots, and denim minnie skirts ( which I was ridiculed for wearing when a womans husband was caught "admiring" it) are considered "wild" and eccentric. Dont get me wrong, this doesnt apply for the Dallas/ Fort Worth area as a whole,  just the more suburban, church on every corner, house wife, soccor mom, conservative area's. Head south a couple of miles and fashion takes on a whole new meaning, where girls dont leave the house without thier nails, makeup and outfit making a serious statement and anything goes... im still tryna keep up!

One thing I know for sure, when the sun goes down out here is when everyone comes alive! Thanks to my cousin and her social skitzephrenia, Ive had a healthy dose of Texas night life and so far im liking what and who im seeing... My next post will be all about some of he hottest clubs and hottest promotional Team in Texas... as soon as I get there permission to blog about them!
Armed and ready with new business cards, a new Model Mayhem profile and making some amazing new friends... Misfit Monroe is ready to make some big things happen in Texas!

*Diva- The female version of a hustler... If you dont know this shame on you