Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Beginning of the rest of my life!

Its been an extremely busy year for me. I ended a 2 1/2 year relationship, got laid off, was living in a trailer with my five year old son, but then moved back home, got an awsome job with a quick promotion, started school and found the love of my life. So 09' has been a roller coaster to say the least but i can honestly say I have never been happier or more productive, and I'm just barely getting started.

I'm sooo excited to be back in school although I haven't decided yet if I'm going to finish what I started at F.I.D.M and get my Fashion Design or Merchandising Degree or just get certificates. Either way I'm really happy with the classes I'm taking; Fashion 101, Buying and Merchandising and Apparel Design. Its like little doors of inspiration in my brain have been opened and i have never been more motivated! It helps to be dating the most amazing hard working guy i have ever known in my life and with all his support combined with the encouragement from my family... I feel unstoppable! Watch out world here I come!!

This blog is going to be devoted to the journey that lays ahead of me as i pursue my dream of becoming the next great Fashion Designer and take the fashion industry by storm. Come hell or high water, one day everyone will know my name!

Ive already had my first two classes and have my first two assignments, interview a buyer and create a mind board ( a collage displaying my goals and aspirations in the fashion industry). on the side i need to start working on a few projects Ive had on a shelf for a while. Since I have a horrible habit of getting too excited about things and overwhelming myself, I am going to force myself to be disciplined and organized and do things in a properly structured manner. So... first things first, draft a plan for operation t-shirt recon and start designing graphics for N Love T-shirt samples...stay tuned...