Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today starts the second week of the school semester for me. The real work begins now that the introductions and course desriptions are out of the way. The intructors fangs start to come out and the pressure is on! personally I cant wait! I have always loved a challenge and seem to do my best work under pressure.

Its been raining like crazy for the last few days and is supposed to keep up this way for the rest of the week so im defiantely not looking foward to all the walking I have to do between work and school, but as the Lady of Gaga says, "if its not rough, it isnt fun". Im just tryna keep my eyes on the prize and keep pushing.

My first assignment due today felt more like an arts and crafts project you do in fifth grade but I cant complain, it was easy and fun and im sure just a tease of the work to come.

Todays class is Buying and Merchandising. Im off work today so I can spend some time playing with my son and do a little prep work for class, then its time to brave the stormy weather and make my way to Saddleback.
Stay dry...

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